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Theatre & Music

Princess Performing

For the last 5 years I have been very active in the Party Princess community. I've had the honor to make many people, from 'children to the elderly' happy with a visit of their favorite princess. For more then two years, I have co-owned a company specialized in child entertainment. During these years, I have performed on both smaller events like birthday parties and big sold-out venues. Apart from being booked by both companies and private individuals I also organized big balls and shows for children to attend. For me personally, it has always been a goal to make the experience as magical and convincing as possible. During those years, I have developed skills in both organizing, directing and decorating which are still things I like to use for current projects.

Currently I am still active as a princess entertainer, with my own company 'The Magical Life Entertainment' which I am running with my partner. Beside the usual bookings like birthdays, meets and greets, photoshoots and small events; we also do decorative work like candy tables, balloon arches, party theme's and much more.

We also enjoy giving the elderly, specifically those suffering from dementia, a moment of joy. Like a memory from their childhood. Apart from that, I recently started to give workshops as well, meant to awake the interest of the field by young children to help them discover their own abilities and dreams.


You can read more about this under the tab “Workshops”.

Kunstbende Zeeland

The Netherlands has some very interesting events to give a stage and opportunity to young people to show their skills and follow their dreams. Kunstbende is one the bigger events that is organized every year for youth between the age of 13 and 18.


In 2019 I got the honor to be part of the jury of this wonderful event. This was extra special for me, because I myself participated 7 years earlier. To experience it from the other side, and see how many talented people are fighting to reach their own dreams, left a big impression on me.


It is always great to see passion in people, and I hope I have been part of their journey towards succeeding what they wish to reach.

Camere van Rhetorica
De Transfiguratie Hulst

I started as a 16-year-old girl in this association and have been a loyal member ever since. 

Several large outdoor spectacles and full evening shows I have been able to realize during my participation in cooperation with several directors.

My best memory in this close-knit association are the open air shows with live music.

In these shows I had the following roles:

"Het raadsel van de bierkaai" - Isabel de Gistelare

"Opstand in de stad" - Maeijken de Bliecq

"Terrasje doen?" - Lieselot 

"In de hemel is het schoon" - Michaëlla

Toneel Terneuzen

When Monique Aerssens approached me whether I wanted to join her theatre group, I did not hesitate for a moment. During: "the miraculous comeback of Mea L. Loman" I played the role of Til.


After this performance I left their theatre group because I wanted to focus on my studies.